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karaoke all night long

Who doesn’t love to belt out Sweet Caroline (Bum, bum bum!) with all their friends? With our integrated Karaoke Cruising™ system powered by Singa, you can cruise down main street singing all the greatest hits!

Any Occasion

No matter what the occasion may be, karaoke brings even more entertainment to any party.

Karaoke Microphone • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses
Karaoke Cringe Duo • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses

Any Rental

Amplify the fun by adding Karaoke Cruising™ to any rental with an equipped party bus.

boundless singing

Belt out your favorite karaoke hits for your entire rental, from start to finish, the music never stops.

Karaoke Group • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses

Turn it up!

Karaoke sung right

Our party buses equipped with Karaoke Cruising™ powered by Singa have all the best features you come to expect from the best karaoke bars and lounges. 

Backup Service

up to 4 mics

More is always the merrier. We give you the option of 2 or 4 microphones for the best solo, duets or quartet performances. 

Backup Service

Queue Up

Our system allows for everyone to add their name and song to the karaoke queue, so everyone can have a turn singing their favorite song.

Lyrics On Screen

See classic karaoke style lyrics on every screen, so no matter where you are on the bus, you’ll be able to give the best performance.

On-Time Service

Multiple mixes

Tailor your song selection by adjusting the pitch and tempo, as well as, select from a variety of karaoke versions so each performance is unique.

Song Selection

Our song library has tens of thousands of karaoke songs, pre-loaded into our system, ranging from today’s top hits to everyone’s favorite classics. 

On-Time Service

Mobile App

Download the Singa app for free. Browse and favorite songs ahead of time. And while on the bus, queue your selection right from your phone.

Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses



During your rental

First stop

The Fleet

We’ve added Karaoke Cruising™ to our top 4 buses and will be adding it to the rest of our fleet soon.

Malibu • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses
Malibu • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses
Singa • Karaoke Cruising™ • Elite Party Buses

Download the Singa app to start browsing songs, as well as queue & customize song selections during your rental.

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people are talking

A lot of happy renters have some things to say about our party buses and their experiences on them. But don’t take our word for it. Check out these rave reviews.

Nathan Roger

“I want to send a huge shout out to Elite Party Buses. These guys have always been awesome to us, and have one of the best fleets in town. If you’re looking for a fun way to do an event check them out!”

Elayna Werner

“We used Elite this weekend for a bachelorette party.. The bus was freaking epic and Nate was awesome! Will definitely be using them again!”

Ben Prater

“Last night for my birthday we had Nate drive us. He was an awesome driver and was very friendly. Had an amazing time and will definitely use Elite again in the future.”

Austin Svoboda

“First time on an Elite party bus, it was really nice and clean! Nate was an awesome bus driver that made the experience very enjoyable!”