Who We are

Family-owned and operated, we strive to provide fun, safe, and convenient transportation for any occasion.

Our family is Irish and German, so we know how to have a good time. We love having large family and friend get-togethers, holiday parties and celebrations. One of the reasons why we started Elite Party Buses was to provide our own get-togethers with safe transportation. And we’ve carried that mission on into our business. If we can keep one person, let alone 40 people with one rental from driving under the influence, we feel we’ve accomplished our goal.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in presenting the best renter experience possible. From your initial quote to making sure each bus is polished top to bottom and ready to go, there’s no detail too small we overlook.

We also train our valued and professional chauffeurs to provide one-of-a-kind service so that every rental runs smoothly, even if there’s a detour or two along the way.